Made Up–Fall 2013

Based on all of my Sunday Tutorials, I’m sure you can see that I have an unconditional love for makeup. Just as our wardrobe transitions from light fabrics to heavier knits, so does our makeup. Changing our blush from a peach to a rose is one way to work with the autumn palette, but here are some other ideas to keep in mind as you create your new fall/winter looks:

Bare Lids–try out a bold lip and bold brows but keep your peepers bare and fresh.


Bold Color–contrary to the first photo, try a wash of a bold color over your entire lid. To make a statement–use a complimentary shade of your eye color.


Bright Lips–who says that you can’t wear a punch of color in the fall? Try an orange-y red or fuchsia!


Heavy Cat Eye–the cat eye is my signature go to, but this is a whole new take. Try out a different shape such as square rather than winged, or create something more exaggerated with shadows.


Metallic–neutral doesn’t have to be boring–try something with a metallic shimmer to it. Coppers, golds, rose golds, silver–it’s a free-for-all this season.

Which of these looks was your favorite, and how are you planning on changing up your makeup for fall? XOXO


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