Damaged or Dry?


As I was reaching for my deep conditioner this morning, I realized that I wasn’t even paying attention to which conditioner I was grabbing and why. Just like skincare, haircare is designed to address specific needs. It’s important to nourish your hair just like you would your skin when you indulge in a facial masque of your choosing. The tricky part might not be giving your hair that extra boost, but rather determining what product to purchase and why.

Walking into a haircare aisle at your local cosmetic store or drug store can be extremely overwhelming. The shelves go on for days, and the amount of bottles on each shelf can make you dizzy with confusion. Generally speaking, most deep conditioners are meant to give you one of two things: moisture or protein. Here’s how to determine what your hair really needs:

Damaged hair has a lack of protein. This can be caused by chemical services such as hair color or relaxing services, using too many thermal tools i.e. flat irons, curling irons, etc. or you could just naturally lack strength in your hair. If your hair is damaged, you will notice split ends. Obviously you can look at the ends of your hair to determine this, but you can also tell if you see breakage throughout your hair. Any easy test–wind your hair into a spiral (think ditsy girl twisting her hair and chomping on gum). Once your hair is tightly wound, you can see little pieces break away from the tight twist. It will look somewhat like a Christmas tree with the branches poking out from the twist. Some people only see this happen on the ends whereas others can have it throughout the entire twist. Another way to tell if your hair is lacking protein is if it is abnormally tangled. Hair strands cling to each other when they lack protein because there are strength in numbers–a tangle of hair is stronger than an individual hair strand. If you have either or both of those, you’re likely missing protein and should reach for that strengthening treatment.

Dry hair, on the other hand, is lacking moisture. We’ve all been there with our skin, be it after too much sun exposure or throughout the winter months, where you can experience dullness and flaking. The same thing can happen with our hair. Dry hair lacks shine and tends to be frizzier than usual–why do you think that products like Moroccan Oil smooth frizz? They are a rich formula that moisturizes the outside of the hair strand. Many people mistake dry hair for being damaged because of the way it feels, but if you aren’t experiencing breakage and it doesn’t seem more tangly than normal, reach for your moisturizing or smoothing treatment and say hello to revived, shiny hair.

There you have it! Be sure to check out my favorite deep conditioners here, and let me know what your favorite products are in the comment section! XOXO


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