Sunday Tutorial–Romantic Makeup

Good Morning, and Happy Sunday everyone! This week’s YouTube video comes from Samantha Schuerman. I feel like I’m at that time in my life where all my friends are getting engaged or getting married. The typical couple will be engaged for around a year, and there are so many details to think about from caterers to bands to invites. It’s important for brides to make sure and think about how they want to look and feel the day of their wedding. When I have worked with brides in the past, it seems like almost all of them put that thought last and really don’t know what they’d like for their hair or makeup. To me, brides should always look like themselves, just more enhanced. I never like to do anything too trendy or too intense because you want your photos to be timeless–you also don’t want to scare your spouse once you’ve finally arrived to the alter! I love this video by Samantha because I feel like it just looks radiant and romantic–perfect for the bride-to-be or perfect if you’d just like to spice up your look without doing a bold lip or eye. Enjoy!


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