Hairess–Fall 2013

One of the best things that could’ve happened to hair in fashion is the trend of simplicity. Rather than seeing complicated updo’s fill the runways and pages of our favorite magazines, we see a more undone version that is perfect for everyone. Distressed and disheveled have become the new definition of chic. Take a look at some ideas to try out this fall:

90's Grunge--take your second day hair, add a little dry shampoo and a bobby pin, & you're set for the day!

90’s Grunge–take your second day hair, add a little dry shampoo and a bobby pin, & you’re set for the day!

Messy Braids–don’t worry about having everything perfect. Make your braid too pretty? Don’t worry–lightly tug on the edges to pull some strands free to make yourself boho-chic!


Grungy–deep side parts & messy waves. Use second day, curled hair to get this look, or curl your hair and use your blow dryer on low speed to loosen the curl.


Messy Ponytails–whether they are low, medium, or high, you’ll look great! Pull some pieces free to soften the look and enhance the effortlessness of it all.


More Braids–try braiding and pinning them up to create a whimsical chignon. Be sure to follow the trend of messiness!

Which of these looks was your favorite, and how are you planning on changing up your hair for fall? XOXO


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