One Product, Three Uses

American Cream

My current conditioner of choice: Lush’s American Cream $19.95

As I’m sure you’re all coming to realize, I have a serious product addition. My boyfriend, Adam, deserves some kind of medal for dealing with all of my products over the last six years. From bins of nail polish to bottles filling every open surface in the shower, it would be safe to say that downsizing has been in order.

Before, and after, we moved into our house, I make a conscious effort to go through all of my shampoos, conditioners, soaps, masques…everything and really sort out what I could get rid of. Doing this made me realize that I had a multitude of products and many that had a variety of different uses. The main one? Conditioner.

This got me to thinking, maybe I’m not the only one that didn’t realize how many purposes condition can serve us. The result: this blog post! Here are some ideas to mix up the way you are using your conditioner.

1) Deep Conditioner: Traditional deep conditioners tend to be a richer formula of the conditioner that you’re already using. Generally speaking, you always leave deep conditioners on for a longer period of time and the silkening properties make your hair feel different that day. Here’s a thought: take your regular conditioner and apply it to damp or dry hair before bedtime. Put a shower cap or towel over your hair and go to bed. In the morning, rinse it out, and I guarantee you’ll have the same results. It’s a great way to give your hair a little extra pampering without breaking the bank on another product.

2) Shampoo: I know, you think I’m crazy, but it’s true! Conditioners have the same surfactants (cleansing properties) as your traditional shampoo, but rather than stripping your natural oils from the hair, it merely removes dirt, excess oil, and product build up. Don’t believe me? WEN is a “conditioning shampoo” line that people constantly rave about. It’s really just a creme based shampoo which is essentially conditioner. Give it a try the next time you go to wash your hair. Do everything the same except reach for the conditioner instead.

3) Shaving Creme: I have extremely sensitive skin. Any amount of pressure causes a reaction, especially on my face. Because of my sensitivities, shaving is something that I always dread. Not only is it uncomfortable and painful while shaving, but my legs literally burn for hour afterwards. My solution: conditioner. Conditioner obviously softens the hair on your head, so it also softens body hair. Applying conditioner before you shave, or under your shave cream, softens your hair and makes it easier to remove while shaving. The conditioner also acts as a buffer between your razor and your skin. La-la-love doing this, and I have never gone back.

What are some different ways that you use different beauty products? Thank you for reading! XOXO


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