Sunday Tutorial–The Corpse Bride

Good morning, Beauties! Can you believe that it is October already?! I know that it’s cliche to say, but I honestly have no idea where September went…or summer for that matter. As the leaves are falling, and the temperature begins to drop, it reminds us that Halloween is in four short weeks.

I am always fascinated by special effects makeup, so when Halloween comes around, I am always excited to see what everyone will create. Because there’s really only one night that we can create makeup madness and not be judged for it (at least we hope not), I wanted to dedicate the Sunday’s of October to Halloween Makeup.

This week’s comes from Human Chameleon or Mystique. I am a huge Tim Burton fan, so when I stumbled across this Corpse Bride Makeup, I just had to share. She does a wonderful job of explaining what she’s doing as she’s demonstrating the look. Enjoy, and Happy October!

What are your plans for Halloween? XOXO


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