About Me


{hairdresser, makeup artist, connoisseur of nail polish, love for fashion, health & Mother Nature, master of karate and friendship for everyone}

I am Laura: a licensed hairdresser and makeup artist from Milwaukee, WI. That’s right, I am a Sconnie from head to toe–we drink from bubblers and wear shorts in 50 degree weather. My roots began in the farms of Fredonia, but who knows how far my branches will reach. I am specifically drawn towards editorial pieces as well as runway and couture–anything that will test my creativity will always catch my eye. I believe that even the smallest moments of wellness that we can give and receive can make the largest difference in our day. I look forward to always being a student in an industry that is forever growing.

Where To Find Me:

Twitter: LauraTimmerHM

Instagram: lauralouwho

YouTube: Laura Timmer

Facebook: Laura Timmer Hair & Makeup

Pinterest: Laura Timmer

Contact Information:

Email: lauratimmerhm@gmail.com


–become successful Freelance Hairstylist/Makeup Artist

–work at NYFW

–become a YouTube Beauty Guru

–travel the world (hopefully work can help me with that!)


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