Sunday Tutorial–Holiday Hair

Good Morning, and Happy Sunday! This week’s YouTube video comes from The Beauty Department again! With winter comes holidays and with holidays comes many special gatherings with friends and family. This video shows you how to create a super cute … Continue reading

And so…a hairdresser was born.

My first words as a blogger. It’s quite the monumental moment for a Midwestern lass like myself.  My first words to the World Wide Web… To be honest, I’m not quite sure what they expect you to write here. It’s a lot of pressure, this first post–it’s like winning an award and then having a Kanye West incident…it’s all just rather awkward. So I will keep this short and sweet–this blog will be a journal of my growth as a hairdresser and all the hairy details that belong to it. Here are my first words, you’ll see my first steps, that annoying time when I become a rebellious teen, an emotional wreck, and above all, a successful adult. –fingers crosses– It’s been a heck of a pregnancy, but on January 9th, 2012, a hairdresser was born.