Hairess–Fall 2013

One of the best things that could’ve happened to hair in fashion is the trend of simplicity. Rather than seeing complicated updo’s fill the runways and pages of our favorite magazines, we see a more undone version that is perfect … Continue reading


I have turned into quite the little Braid-zilla… Braids are so prominent in fashion right now! Almost any age can wear some type of braid depending on the style and placement. I’m just going to post a few of my favorites right now! Enjoy!

Milkmaid Braid--part your hair down the middle and braid both sides with a regular 3-strand braid--secure ends with an elastic. Wind both braids over the top of your head and secure with a pin.



Waterfall Braid--done similar to regular french braid, but rather than adding hair to a strand, you drop that strand a pick up a new section.



Fishtail Braid--done similar to french braid, but only use two sections.



Sideways French Braid--you might need a hand with this one if you don't do many on yourself.



Reverse French Braid--same as regular French braid, but rather than taking strands over each other, you would braid under each other.