Blue Lipstick…Say What?!

I couldn’t resist. There are not many times when you stumble across a blue lipstick and think that you absolutely must have it. My first thought went to Jack and the sinking Titanic…then I thought of Violet Beauregarde turning into a life-sized blueberry. Fear not, dear friends, this lipstick doesn’t even come close to those blue thoughts.

Lipstick Queen’s “Hello Sailor” is an indigo/berry/sapphire tint that sheers out into a lovely, neutral, warm tone. Because of the sheerness, you can wear this alone for a truly unique look (based on your skin tone), or pair a gloss over top. Other good news? Because of it’s indigo tint, it helps teeth look whiter! Blue counteracts orange tones while the violet counteracts any yellowness. Finally, this lipstick is suspended in a vitamin E formula which means mega-moisture for your lips. Take a look at my before and after swatches–my lips drank that formula up! Win, win, win? I think yes.

What are your thoughts on trying out a blue lipstick? Don’t forget to “Follow” so you never miss a post! Thank you for reading. XOXO

Lipstick Queen

LipstickQueen HelloSailor

Difficult to see, but this is the swatch!

Difficult to see, but this is the swatch!

Before Applying

Before Applying

After Applying

After Applying


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