Sunday Tutorial–Lash Out!

Good Morning, and Happy Sunday! This week’s YouTube video comes from Kandee Johnson. This tutorial demonstrates how to apply false lashes. I love false lashes to add drama to your look–they are a must-have for brides or for any special occasion and they are also great for photo shoots  False lashes come in a variety of shapes and sizes so you’re easily able customize a look. Some tips that she didn’t touch on are to make sure that the lashes fit your eyes. If you have deeper set, smaller eyes–be sure to test the size before applying any glue. If the lashes are too big, you’ll need to trim them. Be sure to trim off the longer lash side rather than the short side–you don’t want to look silly with super long lashes in the inner corner. Likewise, if you’re eyes are larger, make sure to apply the lashes from the outer corner in so that you’ll have the most natural look. If you don’t feel like going for a full set of lashes, you can also buy individual lashed to add volume wherever your lashes need it. You can purchase lashes at almost any drugstore like Walgreens or Target. In this video, Kandee uses her fingers to apply the lashes, but I sometimes prefer to use a tweezers so that I can really get in there and also push down any place that may be lifting. Enjoy!


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