A Day to Remember


It goes without saying that September 11th is a day that will never be forgotten. You could ask anyone what they were doing that day, and I guarantee that they would have an exact answer. Mine? 6th grade, Ozaukee Middle School, art class. We listened to the radio whenever we worked, and I’ll never forget when the news poured through the speakers. The panic in our teachers eyes and their speech was haunting. I remember watching the news coverage later that evening as my mother cried; she was born and raised on the East Coast. I was so young when the attack happened that I didn’t understand the magnitude of the events. Even when it’s not the anniversary, I still keep all of those angels in my thoughts.

I wanted to write this in memory of all those lost and all of the families that lost their loved ones that day. I know it’s a somber topic, but there is light at the end of the tunnel. We are blessed to have as many days as we do on this planet. Life is short, and as cliche as that is, I feel we need to stay conscious of moving towards all things good. In memory of that day, remember the tragedy, remember the first responders, remember those that lost their lives, remember those that lost their loves, remember the good in your life, and above all, remember what really matters in life.

As I do every year, I will light a candle in remembrance. XOXO


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