Favorite Beauty Books

Good morning, Beauties! I am an absolute sucker for beauty books whether they are filled with jaw-dropping images or fantastic tips and tricks, I always find myself on the hunt for more knowledge. As I’m sure you all know, I love this industry because it is forever changing. Once we think we know it all, there are new trends and techniques to keep us sharp and up on our game–we truly are students forever in the Beauty Industry. Without further ado, here are my top Beauty Books:


Good To Great Hair by Robert Vetica is a wonderful book around $20 that has a lot of great information on hair, tools, and tutorials. This was one of my very first hair books, and I still reference it!


Making Faces by Kevyn Aucoin is a new addition to my collection. I recently purchased it for around $5 on Amazon, and I am so happy with the book! It is FILLED with step-by-step instructions and images on how to create a multitude of looks.


Makeup: The Ultimate Guide by Rae Morris is also a new addition to my bookshelf. I purchased it for around $20 and feel that it is an updated version of Making Faces. It, too, is loaded with step-by-step instructions and absolutely breathtaking photos, but I think it adds a little more insight into makeup artistry.


Style by Lauren Conrad was another early addition to my beauty book collection. I purchased this shortly after it was published, and I enjoy it because it truly is a wonderful styling book. It focuses on classic pieces to always keep in your wardrobe and how to spice things up. My only gripe is that the majority of the book is filled with high-end designer pieces which doesn’t always make sense for the average consumer.

Make up is Art.AOFM.Cover

Last but, certainly, not least, Makeup is Art by Academy of Freelance Makeup is one of my all-time favorite beauty books. I was sold on the cover alone, but the book is filled with many more Avant Garde makeup looks and still contains information pertaining to becoming a successful artist. I love this book as a coffee table book, but I also love it for reference and inspiration.

Well there you have it! What are your favorite Beauty Books? XOXO


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