Four Reasons to Fall in Love with Fall




Don’t get me wrong, I love summer just as much as the next person. There is nothing like laying on a pool floaty with the sirens of cicadas filling the air and the sun drenching your skin with warmth. That being said, autumn is right around the corner and today’s brisk 65 degree weather reminded me of its glory.

For me, fall is my favorite. Though it leaves almost as quickly as it arrived, it brings the most beautiful colors, the most comfortable temperatures, and the most fabulous fashion…in my opinion. So these are the top things I’m looking forward to:

1) Dark Nails: Not saying you can’t wear them year round, but autumn and winter really allows us to embrace the beautiful, deep tones like navy, oxblood, and eggplant. Dark nails display sophistication and chic-ness.

2) Boots: Especially booties! Whether you wear yours with tights, knee highs, denim, or bare-legged, boots can change the feel of your outfit. One minute you’re wearing them with a floral dress and tights, the next you’re rocking a super edgy evening look. One pair can work with everything.

3) Tights: Tights make everyone’s legs look fabulous. I love everything from opaque black tights to lace-like patterned tights. Increase the longevity of your summer wardrobe by incorporating tights!

4) Scarves: My all-time favorite accessory. I love lighter options for summer, but I love cozy scarves even more. Scarves are an easy way to change up your look. Try a bright color against your black peacoat, or try a patterned scarf with your favorite cardigan. Scarves are the definition of cozy.

There you have it! While I’ll be taking in every last second that summer has to offer, I’ll continue to count down the days until tepid temperatures become reality.


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