How time flies when you’re having fun…


I have no idea where the past month of my life has gone! Since I’ve last posted, which I know was quite some time ago, so much has happened! My Beacon entry has been submitted and everyday I hope that I will be accepted for such a wonderful opportunity. We have had our UpDo models and Manicure and Pedicure models at school–100% on all of them. We have also started Haircutting! I am so excited about it, and nervous at the same time. So far we have just worked on techniques on the entire head, but we’ll see what happens when we start combining techniques! I’m so sorry that I can’t post more, but I promise that this week I will touch on some topics that I’ve been meaning to write about. Hope all is well Hairniche world! P.S. I updated my Scrapbook page with some great photos!


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