Food for thought…

Well it has finally happened–winter has arrived in Wisconsin. I must have jinxed it in one of my previous posts where I was gloating about how mild and pleasant our winter has been thus far–oops! Regardless of whether or not it has been mild or frigid, our air has still been dry which also means our hair has been dry. Dry hair can bring a variety of horrible symptoms that no one appreciates–static, breakage, flaky scalp–it is just no fun. A humidifier and good conditioner can only do so much–the rest is up to you!

I have recently gotten into really taking a more natural route as far as deep conditioning go. Rather than spending anywhere from $10-$50 on a deep conditioner, try to make one from scratch! Here are a few ingredients you can grab the next time you go grocery shopping to really amp up the moisture in your hair:

Olive Oil: olive oil can help to nourish, condition, and improve the elasticity and strength in your hair.

Avocado:  avocados can help to protect and strengthen your hair because they are so rich in fatty acids.

Yogurt: yogurt is absolutely amazing for the hair because it contains so many B Vitamins which are crucial for healthy hair growth.

Eggs: eggs are PACKED with protein and protein makes up 97% of your hair’s structure! It’s a no brainer that it is incredible when used as a mask.

Coconut Milk: coconut milk is also filled with fats which works wonders on dry or frizzy hair because it really penetrates to moisturize and smooth.

To use all of these, you would just apply them to damp or dry hair (I prefer dry for a better absorption, but it’s completely up to you–you will use more “product” on dry hair than damp) and leave them on for at least an hour. For things like the avocados and eggs, you would beat them up before applying to allow for a better consistency. If you’d like–mix several of these ingredients together! You can also add a few drops of honey to a mixture as honey is a humectant and will attract moisture to your hair. After applying your mask, put a shower cap over your hair to keep all of the moisture and heat close to your head. You can also heat up a moist towel in the microwave and wrap that on the outside of the shower cap. The heat from the towel will open up your hair’s outside layer to allow these super foods penetrate deeper into the cortex of your hair. Whenever you decide to shampoo (I will generally always sleep in a mask with a towel over my pillow), you should try and use a gentler shampoo and you may need to shampoo twice to remove any residue.

Hopefully you can try these out and see what works and feels best for you. Every single time that I do the Olive Oil mask, I get tons of compliments on how shiny and healthy my hair looks. Just some food for thought…


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