Note to self…

Today was a great day. Going to school has let me embrace who I am and where I want to go. I had always dreamed of becoming an amazing dancer or a wealthy accountant, and when I didn’t do these things I would get so hard on myself. It’s like I focused my entire life around the things that I wasn’t doing or the things that I was doing poorly. I never took the time to celebrate my successes because I was drowning myself in defeat. Since starting school, I feel this drive that keeps pushing me and pushing me–something that would normally wear me out and send me running for the hills, but for some (amazing) reason I keep on trucking.

We starting hair styling this week, and I could not be more thrilled. Hair styling is something that I felt like I could be great at. After all, I grew up styling my friends hair and my own hair, and I feel like I have a natural eye for how to construct up-do’s or how to arrange the hair to flatter the face. After today, I feel even better about my ability to style hair. I kept thinking about the results that I had created and felt over the moon for my entire walk home. I started to realize that I needed to remember this feeling–the feeling of accomplishment. I know that there are going to be challenges ahead where I won’t be feeling the way that I did tonight, but I need to remember tonight’s moment so that I can make it through those tough times. As long as you keep a little reminder of something that can bring you joy, you will always be able to find it even if you really have to dig for it. Keep that note to self handy so you’ll never have to spend too much time away from happiness.


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