April showers bring May flowers…

You may be asking, “Um, does this girl know that it’s the beginning of February?” My answer to that is yes. For some explainable reason, our winter in Wisconsin has been incredibly mild *knocks on wood*. In fact, it really never became winter for us here. We had about two days of accumulating snowfall, and the rest of the days were bright and sunny and magical for all of us Midwesterners. In fact, most of January actually felt like Spring. Personally, I believe it’s just good Karma–we’ve had plenty of terrible winters *recalls back to last year*, so I think Mother Nature owed us one.

In any event,  Spring and Summer trends are in and ready to be exposed! The colors are great this year: pastels like mint and baby pink, coral reds, neon oranges, aqua–they are some of my favorite colors because of the life they bring. As for hair trends, there are some great, wearable trends going on on the runways this year. Drum roll please…

Glistening Hair

Bigger Blowouts

Ponytails Galore

Urban Wave

Embellished Up-Do's



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